263 Ways To Start A Conversation by James Collins

Ways to start a conversation

Never find it hard to start or continue a conversation again with these 263+ powerful topic starters.

Learn how to talk to anyone, keep conversations flowing and establish stronger connections with anybody in your day-to-day life.

Do you find it hard or difficult to start a conversation? Do you often find yourself in awkward social situations that you don’t know how to get out off? Can it be a struggle to keep a conversation flowing?

It’s normal. Most people struggle with social interaction! That’s why I wrote this book.

Even though the majority of people in the world struggle with starting and keeping conversations going, it is still not taught in education system. (Which is crazy if you ask me!).

Look no further, you’ve landed in the right place.

263 Ways to Start a Conversation is a powerful book filled with unique and unordinary conversation starters and incredible techniques to keep a conversation flowing.

Inside this book, you will learn:

  • 263+ Powerful Conversation Topics – Be able to start and continue a conversation with ease with your new equipped knowledge
  • The Essential Hidden Rules of Small Talk – Learn the rules of small talk that nobody is talking about and how it can help you with social interactions
  • What it Takes to Keep a Conversation Going – Discover how to form natural follow up questions and discussions that will prevent the conversation from dying
  • How to Prevent and Avoid Awkward Social Interactions – Start understanding why and the reasoning behind awkward silence and how you can prevent and stop them
  • Easy Ways to Establish Stronger Connections with Anybody – social etiquettes and queues that you have likely missed that can help you to build and form stronger relationships and connections

A book that has been created entirely from past experiences and expertise.

263 Ways to Start a Conversation is the perfect guide for anybody looking to build upon their interpersonal communication skills.

By reading this book you will learn hundreds of unheard-of powerful topic starters that will make starting and continuing conversations easy!