Whispers From My Soul by Alin Cristian Neagu

Whispers from my soul
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First intended as a pocketbook, a daily inspiration to turn to in times of need, it slowly became a bigger personal project in which I have included the different states of mind, emotions, and feelings that one goes through while living the experience of life.
At the core of it, I have placed the two primary emotions, love and fear, out of which the rest of the emotions will root and of course, the most important, time.
Being both inspirational and revealing I tried to make it fun and mysterious, sarcastic and rude, sometimes emotionally heavy yet filled with unconditional love, overall a simple read but with deep meaningful messages, and I hope I succeeded in doing so... that is for you to decide.
This book is about me and my journey, it is about you and all of us and I am making this statement simply because I strongly believe that even though we are different beings and we have our uniqueness, we do function by the same universal laws- we have feelings and thoughts, we have triggers that make us act/ react in a certain way, we have principles and patterns that shape our behavior and personality.
We are all actors, writers, singers, painters, etc. sending a collective message out there in our way resonating with those alike and the best lessons are coming to us when and from where it hurts the most.