The Whistle by James Owen Sowerby

The Whistle by James Owen Sowerby
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It is June, 1914, and on a muddy field in Sussex a cup final reaches a tense climax. For the talented Will Davison victory proves to him that all is right in the world. Yet even as the cheers still ring around the town, far away in the city of Sarajevo, the screams from a royal assassination echo long and loud across the world. This one solitary event will bring carnage and chaos to the social order of the 1900s. As the maelstrom of war sweeps across Europe, the Davisons join millions of families struggling to hold onto their old lives. But when the beautiful Alice Pevensey steals Will’s heart, he knows he must sacrifice everything he holds dear, to prove his love for her.From the football fields of Steyning to the deadly mud of France, ‘The Whistle’ portrays the tragic gallantry of a lost generation and the timeless legacy of war; love and despair, bravery and comradeship in the face of our deepest fears.