The whistler's omen by Iain Henn

An impossible victim, a more than impossible killer!

FBI Special Agent Ilona Farris has barely recovered from her first escapade with the newly formed Unsolvable Crimes Unit when a bizarre case lands on her desk.

A man has been chained to a sack of stones and pushed into the water at Seattle Marina. However, the victim supposedly died in a plane crash over twenty years ago.

Witnesses report seeing a man in a straw hat and long coat at the scene. There one moment, then disappearing without a trace.

Rumours begin that the figure is the legendary South American spirit of El Silbón, the Whistler, whose victims have an eerie tune played to them before meeting their demise.

Fearing this will not be the ghostly apparition’s last crime, Agent Farris resolves to discover the truth about Ven Air Flight 387 and catch a killer with nothing other than revenge on their mind.

But the Whistler is not the only ghost stalking in the shadows, and Farris will need all her wits to come out on top.

THE WHISTLER’S OMEN is the second standalone mystery in this mind-blowing, edge-of-your-seat series by Iain Henn. Look out for the first, THE PIPER’S CHILDREN.

Iain Henn is also author of the beguiling mystery DEAD SET ON MURDER, and the romantic thriller THE GREATEST BETRAYAL. All available in paperback and on Kindle Unlimited.


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