Why: From Heartbreak to Happiness by Tatiana Vedenska

Why by Tatiana Vedenska

If you are looking for a book which is similar to “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert than WHY is the perfect one

Helena is doing her best-combining work and her family when one day it comes to her mind: her husband is cheating on her.

After 15 years of marriage, they cannot stand each other any longer. For now, their family life is a battlefield, a world of broken dreams, anger and despair.

She is a successful businesswoman who has devoted herself to work and has no time for anything else; he is a real genius who had to leave science behind to become an underrated teacher for the sake of his family. They both sacrificed something valuable and were drowning in each other's unhappiness leaving all of their displeasures and wounds wide open and exposed.

Both parties have to listen to each other and let go to finally reach peace and happiness and to save their son’s life…

WHY is a family tragedy that describes all the emotional stages a couple goes through after the sudden realization that they don’t satisfy each other emotionally and have been having affairs. Beautifully crafted by Tatiana Vedenska, WHY explores the limits of an impasse reached after fifteen years of marriage with characters and circumstances coming straight from reality.

Tatiana Vedenska is one of the most popular Russian non-genre female writers. A number of her novels were adapted for the screen and achieved wide readership not only in Russia but worldwide. Now her novel WHY, an enthralling story that feels true to life, is also available for English-speaking readers!