Willow Down by Mark Gamble

Willow down

How is a murdered man able to return from the dead and kill off even more of his own colleagues? Why has the number '312' been carved into the chest of the victims? Mitch Perry, NYPD homicide detective, faces his ultimate challenge as he criss-crosses New York City hunting down the individual capable of such a horrific feat. Join along as the author uses story, original art and poetry to convey an ever twisting plotline. Get set to let your mind wander and then ponder through life's odd subtleties as you trek through the Financial and Meat Packing Districts. Enjoy a cocktail at the Pink Camel and spend some time with eccentric characters like Tommy LoveBottom. Then, jet off to Oahu to recalibrate your soul's settings before returning to New York City to complete the task at hand – solving a triple homicide. Using New York and Hawaii as backdrops for the crime of the century, Willow Down is a suspenseful, quirky, psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.