Winning in the Digital Tornado by Allan Thomas Chiulli

Winning in the Digital Tornado by Allan Thomas Chiulli

What Successful People Must Know To Conquer Digital Transformation and Disruption

Do you worry about your career amidst rapid Digital Disruption? Do you fear the Digital Tornado – the rapid career obsolescence created by accelerating Digital Transformation? Now, it’s time to stop worrying: Grab this book and fight back!!!

You will Win in the Digital Tornado!!!

You need to read Winning in the Digital Tornado because it is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand path for business people to transform from being Digital Obsolete (where you are today) to becoming Digital Savvy (where Digital Transformation works for you, not against you!).

In a world of accelerating Digital Disruption, there is hope. There is empowerment:

You Win in the Digital Tornado by becoming Digital Savvy!

Once Digital Savvy, you understand, evaluate and anticipate the impact of digital technology on your career, business and life, as:

  • You hedge career risk and create career upside.
  • You become and remain relevant.
  • You create career confidence and enjoy peace of mind.
  • You transform from being “Qualified or Overqualified” to being “Needed”!
  • And, if unfortunate things do happen in your career, you are much more competitive and prepared, and you can face your future with confidence.

Not a deep dive into technology, but a way of rising above the noise of Digital Disruption to empower you to make effective business decisions in a Digital Age.

Here are more reasons to buy this book:

  • Allan’s uses bite-sized learning in a fast-paced and easy-to-understand path to becoming Digital Savvy.
  • Once you are Digital Savvy, you “get digital”. You transform from ‘Qualified’ to ‘Needed’.
  • This book is a great gift for family, friends, and co-workers who are facing challenges in the Digital Tornado.

Best of all: You will Win in the Digital Tornado!

Scroll Up and grab a copy today!