Wisdom of a Mystic by Arazi Pinhas

Wisdom of a mystic
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How would our lives change if we embraced the divine within us? How can we find comfort during the hardest stretches of our spiritual path?

In Wisdom of a Mystic, Arazi Pinhas tells the intimate tale of heartbreaks and hardships that ultimately led to his spiritual awakening. Inspired by this experience, his book extends an invitation to look inward, to the depths of consciousness, as a way to connect with the richness of our own being.

The book contains a compilation of 120 verses. Each passage in the book marks a step in the path towards self-realization, a journey in which devotion—the very essence of Bhakti Yoga—is a guiding light. The verses are, at times, reminiscent of Rumi's songs or Gibran's deeply symbolic poetry, urging us to recognize that everything is infused with humbling mystery. Other times, they seem to grow in subtlety, pointing to the elusive yet undeniable truth of the Dao. Aware of the limitations of words, Pinhas combines them with visual elements, adding to the layered richness of the book, evoking spaciousness and stillness, and teaching us that the more significant truths are always the simplest.

Wisdom of a Mystic reminds us that the wisdom we seek is hidden in plain sight and that spirituality can—and should—be informed by our most mundane experiences. This book is a celebration of vulnerable authenticity and a testimony to the fact that our darkest hours can spark our most meaningful transformations.