Around the world with kj koala by Codi Allan

KJ Koala

Children’s Meditation Bedtime Stories: Around the World With KJ the Koala

The Ultimate Feel-Good Bumper Short Story Collection About Friendship, Happiness, Gratitude, and Mindfulness
By Codi Allan
Say goodbye to bedtime arguments: let these two lovable koalas send your kids to sleep happy and inspired.

The bedtime routine is a source of frustration for many parents: the battle over the toothbrush, the struggle into pajamas, and of course, the arguments about why they have to go to bed when they’re just not sleepy!

Reading to kids before bed helps them wind down and associate bedtime with a positive activity.

On top of that, it provides a wonderful opportunity for bonding, and in today’s busy world, it’s hard to find ways to spend quality time together every day.

Sometimes however, their favorite books just get them too excited, and you end up with a little mongrel who’s more awake than they were when you started… and they’re demanding just one more story, pleeeease!

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry -- you’re not alone. Every parent has this struggle.

But there’s no reason to give up on bedtime reading.

In fact, you definitely shouldn’t: it’s brilliant for your child’s development. It boosts their vocabulary, feeds their imagination, and encourages conversation.

What you need is a bedtime reading ritual that will give them all these benefits, teach them something new… and be specifically designed to help them feel warm, happy, and ready for sleep.

Children’s Meditation Bedtime Stories: Around the World With KJ the Koala gives you exactly that.

Following the adventures of lovable koala KJ and her younger brother Cole, this story takes your kid on a global adventure, meeting animals from every continent and learning lessons about gratitude, friendship and happiness along the way.

Inside you’ll find:

● A rich collection of heartwarming characters your kid will look forward to spending time with every night
● Subtle lessons about courage and resilience as these two brave koalas search the world for a new home after losing theirs to a bushfire
● An innovative way to teach kids about the continents and the animals who live there (they won’t even realize they’re learning!)
● An engaging and thought-provoking way to wind down for bed, leaving them to drift off with warm thoughts of happy adventures
● A wonderful way to spend quality bonding time with your little one
● Valuable lessons about the value of friendship, gratitude, and actively choosing happiness (to name just a few)

And much more.

KJ and Cole are the perfect bedtime companions for your kids.

Forget about arguing about going to sleep: these two lovable koalas will find a way to turn your kids around, and make them beg to go to bed.

So cozy up together and settle down for an amazing story of friendship, nature and thankfulness.

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