The Year of the Rabbit by Stephanie Taylor

The year of the rabbit

Miami sizzles and burns with violence, drug cartels, and racial unrest in 1980 when seventeen-year-old Lucy arrives—pregnant and alone. Her uncle Jeremy and his charming, lovable, drug-dealing boyfriend, Carlos, have agreed to take her in and help her raise her baby in the improbably modern and masculine setting of their high-rise condo. The three of them quickly become a family, and despite the strangers and cops who show up at all hours of the day and night looking to buy their next fix from Carlos, Miami Beach becomes Lucy’s own little paradise.

With money in her pocket from Carlos, Lucy sets out to learn more about her new city. She meets Pesh, a refugee from Cuba, and the two of them comb the newspaper’s classified ads together, looking for strange and entertaining ways to spend Carlos’s money. Lucy relies on the dreams and premonitions she’s always had to guide them on their adventures, which lead them to people and places neither of them could have ever imagined.

Pesh becomes Lucy’s best friend and confidante, and although she loves Carlos like an uncle, and she understands the moral dilemma of taking his money but disapproving of how he earns it, she’s less than thrilled when Pesh starts working for Carlos. But when she's called upon to help out with an important drug deal right before her baby is born, Lucy comes face-to-face with life-changing danger. Will the rewards outweigh the risks? Or will Lucy lose the life, the family, and the home she’s just finally found?