You’re Dead by Diane Dickson

You're Dead by Diane Dickson
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Three Gripping Murder Mystery Suspense Novels

"Three great crime suspense novels in one edition. Atmospheric and suspenseful, nice plot twists..." Anne Thursfield

"If you like murder mysteries you'll love this book. Gripping stories. Diane Dickson does not disappoint." Rebecca Chandler

"Could not put these down, as soon as I finished one novella I started another." Geoff Hardy

Atmospheric and chilling, each of these three short novels about cold, calculating secret killers will have you gripped from start to finish!


In ANGEL OF MERCY, a nurse decides that a little crime to do a greater good is perfectly justified. Phillipa is a prim and proper matron figure with very high standards who doesn't like disorder on her ward. So when a very sickly womanly causes a mess she merely helps nature take its course. It's for the benefit of everyone after all. But like lies, one crime quickly leads to another, and in this case a shocking ending that may have the reader thinking Phillipa get's her just desserts.

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MRS BOULTON? is a chilling story about how far one will go to hide a crime.

Young couple Freddy and Marsha Samuels are pleased as punch to be moving into the vacant family cottage in Dorset. Yet with Freddy often at work, and Marsha on her own, she gets some unsavoury attention from the locals. When it becomes clear that they are interested in the house itself, a dream of living in the country turns into something of a nightmare.

TAINTED ROSES is the story of a woman pushed to the edge who is prepared to defend herself against whatever is thrown at her.

After working in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia for five years, nurse Fiona has returned to England and is settling into a cosy new home in a Surrey town. However her nights are disturbed, first by the trashing of her brand new garden furniture and then with an intruder in the house. Is she imagining these events? As her close friend Sharon tries to help, it becomes clear that Fiona is repressing a terrible memory that is now haunting her. The question is does that memory have a name, and a key to her home?

If you like books that tell a super story and hold you in suspense you'll love these novellas by best-selling author Diane Dickson. Her work will appeal to fans of AGATHA CHRISTIE, JD ROBB and ANTONIA MARLOWE.

YOU'RE DEAD contains three novels by Diane M Dickson that you will not find elsewhere.

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