The Red Eye Revelation by John J. Fero

(Through the Eyes of a Child, Book 1)

Red eye revelation by John J Fero

In the course of one night, civilization has fallen and terror has risen as zombies have taken control. Twelve-year-old Drew, has awoken to a world overtaken by chaos and destruction. Now Drew, along with his mother and father, must find a way out of the inner city of New York that is overrun with the ever-growing undead.

They are led through this perilous journey by Drew's father, Rob, an ex-Marine who will stop at nothing to protect his loved ones. While on this treacherous trek through this urban landscape, they come across two teenagers, Ricky and Yvette, a brother and sister, forced to fend for themselves after losing their mother at the hands of a zombie. Together they search for an escape out of the city in hopes of discovering a place where they can find safety-assuming one still exists-with the newly reanimated dead lurking around every corner. It is a fight for survival that will test the courage and resiliency of them all, a heart-pounding horror story told through the eyes of a child.