March 28, 2018

Sea adventures, romance in Italy, and other free and discount Kindle books

free and discount Kindle books

Great FREE and discounted Kindle books available now!

C18th sea adventures, romance in the Tuscan hills and an anti-bullying guide are among our free books this week. Plus big discounts on various genres of fiction, comedy, and more. Enjoy your reads.

“There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book.” –Marcel Proust

A gripping sea adventure.


(B)romance set in Italy.


Funny newspaper headlines.

$2.99 – $3.65

An atmospheric new Irish murder mystery.


A magical adventure.


A suspenseful courtroom drama.

$0.99 – $3.99

A young girl’s adventure meeting new people.


A 1970s childhood comedy.


Understanding and preventing bullying.


A sci-fi space opera.


Epic action adventure fantasy.


Dystopian thriller.


Everyone wants the bride to be.


Losing your innocence to a stranger.


Erotic paranormal romance.


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