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Stop Being Shy: get help and tear down all barriers to social interaction!

Stop being shy is now on Kindle

Stop Being Shy: A Guide On How To Talk To Anyone by Monica Lynn Now on Kindle! US: UK: It’s time to become a more confident version of yourself! Do you ever find yourself at a social gathering, wishing you had the courage needed to strike up a conversation with anyone? Maybe you […]

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A focused approach to relief from social anxiety for teens

Relief from social anxiety for teens

Did you know that one third of teenagers experience a form of anxiety disorder? This is the starting point: realizing you are not alone! Relief from Social Anxiety and Stress for Teens is a welcome addition to our self-help category because it really focuses on how adolescents will experience these emotions, and help you tackle […]

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A moving coming-of-age thriller set in 1980s Las Vegas!

Third Wheel by Richard R. Becker

Grab this thriller, it will surprise you. Las Vegas was a very different place in the 1980s. Find out how a blow-in from the Midwest survived it! Entertaining, moving and full of adventure. Third Wheel: A coming of age thriller by Richard R Becker Now on Kindle for $2.99 US: UK: Third Wheel […]

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