Suspense thriller

A brand new international crime thriller full of twists!

Baghdad Heist

A mission to recover stolen treasures from Baghdad Museum turns into a multiple murders investigation for an FBI agent. Charlie Glass is a compelling character, and her determination to save cultural treasures and uncover an international web of crime, deceit and violence makes her confront huge, and highly dangerous, challenges. This is a great, well-paced […]

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Legal thriller meets urban fantasy to deliver great suspense!

Tilted scales

A tense legal thriller set in a world of magic and arcane law – if you are an avid fantasy reader with an interest in legal justice, you won’t be able to out this down! Tilted Scales: Inhuman Trafficking by Julian Kindred Absolutely FREE on Kindle now for a limited time only! US: UK: […]

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Estranged friends become targets of revenge in this psychological thriller

Moms who lie

Two best friends have fallen out twenty years ago, nobody knows quite why, but now they seem to be the target of revenge. Will they work together, will they resolve their issues, will they need to prevent the reason for their estrangement from being exposed? Their teenage children are at risk. This is a twisty […]

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