A moving coming-of-age thriller set in 1980s Las Vegas!

Third Wheel by Richard R. Becker

Grab this thriller, it will surprise you. Las Vegas was a very different place in the 1980s. Find out how a blow-in from the Midwest survived it! Entertaining, moving and full of adventure. Third Wheel: A coming of age thriller by Richard R Becker Now on Kindle for $2.99 US: UK: Third Wheel […]

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Take a trip to Ancient Egypt and see how women really lived then!

Nefertitis Sister Ancient Egypt FREE

What an interesting exploration of Ancient Egypt and its culture when it comes to women’s role in society… With a helpful glossary of terms, the book follows several female protagonists in their respective journeys, and includes information that will surprise you, about giving birth, ailments, cures, bonds, and above all, women supporting each other. Nefertiti’s […]

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