A decorated veteran combats an exceptional enemy: an alien ship!

The Fallen Ship

Get ready for adventure, alien abduction and battles in space of a different scope here. In this science fiction you will find cover-to-cover action and suspense, a compelling hero, and a beautiful dog too! Now completely FREE, try this new series. The Fallen Ship: Rise of the Gia Rebellion by Mark Wayne McGinnis and Kim […]

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Fantasy, adventure, and power struggles in a compelling saga!

Spiral of my destiny

New alliances are formed, old ones broken, and the future remains an unknown in this great fantasy saga. If you like suspense, adventure and massive power struggles in your fiction, you’ll enjoy this! The Spiral of My Destiny (The Rosteval Saga Book 2) by Michael R. Schultheiss Just $0.99 on Kindle now! US: UK: FREE […]

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An ancient legacy confronts new injustices in this exciting action thriller

The living legend

An old legacy can be brought back to life to set wrongs right for Tommy and Makena in this exciting, eventful action thriller. The political and the personal are closely knit in this adventure set in Kenya and beyond. The Living Legend by Dan Hendrickson On Kindle now US: UK: FREE on Kindle Unlimited […]

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Magic, machines and science combine to threaten peace!

Aether sphere by Nikolas Baxter

With wars looming at the borders and unnatural forces threatening peace for the first time, it will be up to Slade to find the answers and unlock the secret of the impending disasters before it’s too late. Immerse yourself in fantasy fiction. Aether Sphere: Fading Dream by Nikolas Baxter On Kindle now! US: UK: […]

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