Kindle fiction

This sensational paranormal murder mystery will have you under its spell!

Sensational! Murder under redwood moon

This fabulous book combines murder, mystery and magic to whisk you away into the mountains of California. Set in the atmospheric region of the Santa Cruz redwoods the story begins by introducing us to our lead character, Arista, and her harmonious connection with the supernatural. Candles, crystals and herbal teas – placed in the moonlight […]

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Fun and spicy contemporary romance – Mr Grumpy meets Miss Sunshine!

Losing my breath by Rose Black

When Meridian Daly moves in across the hall, former Marine Callan Brand attempts to keep his distance… but Miss Daly proves hard to resist! As the story progresses we find out more about Callan’s past and his struggle with PTSD. Without weighing down the light-hearted feel of the book, we share the difficulties he experiences […]

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Mother Goose is old news! Now Brother Goose brings you tales of the unexpected!

This collection of thoroughly entertaining, absurdist tales will bring a smile to your lips, and hearty laughter to your belly, while at the same time pulling at your heart strings. We are introduced to a wild selection of characters – from Dale, the ugliest man on earth to Wendy the bicycle thief and Lawrence who […]

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