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Learn how to become a successful AirBnB host with this step-by-step guide!


AirBnB hosting is a sustainable path to long-term financial freedom, and it could be within your reach. Unsure how to get started? Read this guide! AIRBNB BUSINESS CHARTED: Your Next 7 Steps to Creating Long-Term, Sustainable Financial Freedom through Vacation Rental Investment Properties by Arthur Franklin $0.99 on Kindle now! US: UK: Discover […]

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Three women come to terms with their pasts and forge lasting bonds

The sound of wings by Suzanne Simonetti FB

Three women, leading seemingly separate lives, are each ensconced in their own emotional universe, until they forge an unusual bond that will grow stronger as they open up to reveal their secrets and confront their pasts. Beautifully written, this is women’s fiction at its most intimate, charming and touching. The Sound of Wings: A Novel […]

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