May 30, 2018

Go bananas with this bunch of FREE and discount Kindle books

great kindle books

There’s something for every reader’s taste with these great Kindle books

Online privacy is on everyone’s lips currently, get up to date with a FREE book full of the facts. Also free, a romantic thriller and a romance cut short by a terrible murder. Two sci-fi adventures are available, one FREE on Saturday if you can wait that long. Plus we have murder mysteries, historical fiction about modern slavery and Paris in the 1900s. And there is romance, of course, to suit men and women alike.
“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana!” – Groucho Marx
Online privacy explained
Contemporary romance
PI murder mystery
Sci-fi adventure
YA sci-fi $2.99
FREE on June 02
Murder mystery
Historical fiction
Children’s fiction
Historical fiction
Western romance
Dating comedy
Coming of age comedy