June 4, 2018


Smoky Mountain mischief kindle

Coming of age fiction, FREE now on Kindle! SMOKY MOUNTAIN MISCHIEF by Ashley Robert

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Cameron and I had just spent an amazing week at Camp Wildlife and we were definitely sad to be leaving, especially since we had finally scored our first French kiss. At the same time though, we were super pumped up to spend a week together at my parents’ tobacco farm & cattle ranch in western North Carolina. We were going to have the best time ever I just knew it. Cameron really wanted to see what the woods had to offer and who could blame him. The farm was like an amusement park for young boys. It had a creek, two ponds, several old tobacco barns, and a hundred plus acres to roam around on without any authority whatsoever. It was night and day from our environment back home in Boca Raton. Which is why I loved it so much and was hoping that Cam would as well.