October 26, 2018

No tricks, just treats! Free and discount Kindle books.

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From fairy invasions to Arthurian legend, futuristic fantasy to historical myth, there is much to fuel your imagination this week. Plus cozy mysteries and romances, a thriller, and some romantic suspense that will get your heart pounding. Treat yourself to one of these offers now!

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” Leonardo da Vinci

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A young fairy must do all she can to avoid annihilation of her kin.
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FREE Oct 27-31
War is on the horizon when Arthur is crowned King of Britain.
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$2.99 in some cases

A creator of holographic dragons gets tangled up in the future.

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A young woman must stop a horde of faeries from invading Earth.
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A man gets more than he asked for when he tries to double-cross a witch.
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A cozy Irish mystery about a murder that unsettles a sleepy Irish town.
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A passionate modern erotic novel.

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Poor boy meets rich girl, but will it be happily ever after?

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A rodeo superstar meets a cowboy. Will they hit it off?

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An aid worker describes his extreme experiences of human life on the edge.

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A diet that promises to protect you from degenerative diseases.

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A young man gets caught up with a small town’s dirty dealings.
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A woman struggles to get back on track when her alpha-male ex returns to the scene.

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If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ll love this new series!

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A devil behind the wheel is in danger of being distracted by a beautiful temptress.

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