December 4, 2018

Ghosts, secrets, and romance! Get ready for another adventure

The Ghost Beside Us by Pete Nunweiler and Kris Nunweiler BLOG

This is the follow on from the first highly acclaimed story of Toby and Anna, a perfect couple faced with tragedy when Anna’s life is cut short by a car accident. Toby moves to a new house, finds out it is haunted, and realises he has paranormal powers. Enter book 2, newly released, where unsure about how to use his powers, Toby embarks on more thrilling adventures.

THE GHOST BESIDE US (The Ghost Between Us Book 2) by Pete Nunweiler with Kris Nunweiler

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Readers say: “I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s even better than book 1.”

Toby learns more about his gift; a gift he’s not sure he wants. Alex is preoccupied and holding on to another secret. Is Sara really back?

In The Ghost Beside Us, Toby sees entities more frequently, but remains conflicted regarding his so-called “gift.” What were Alex and Sara like when they were alive?

Hang on tight for this paranormal thrill ride.