January 3, 2019

Winter warmers… FREE and discount Kindle books

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“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

A free murder mystery, advice on how to give up drinking, and a historical fantasy are just some of the deals this week. Plus discounts on thrillers, inspirational stories and fantasy. Get reading now!

*Please check these deals are available in your location when downloading.
The peace of a town is disturbed when one of its most prominent residents is murdered. Inspector Blades and Sergeant Peacock investigate…

With the murder weapon found near the body, the detectives hope that fingerprints will help them discover the killer. But they are dealing with a cunning perpetrator who has covered all their tracks. With various leads running into dead ends, the answers will come from understanding the victim’s character and the killer’s motive.

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Are screams in the night a fox, or the sound of a murder? A wildlife-loving detective investigates.

FREE until January 04.

A guide to cutting down or staying off booze completely. Why we drink and how to stop it. Achieve those NY resolutions!

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Eli Seven Crow fights against the Mahan Group, an ancient secret society whose founders are the reason humans fear the dark.

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A man of superhuman strength must battle against the odds to understand his separation from his father.

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Raising a blended family, the author has utilized her experience to become a living example of self forgiveness and perseverance.

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Could you stay true to yourself living in a despotic regime?

“A soulful, provocative and timely international thriller.”

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