January 10, 2019

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Free and discount books in a range of genres.

A self-help guide, historical adventure and YA fantasy lead the line up. Plus, a discounted murder mystery, romance, romantic thriller, fantasy and more. Pick up one of these deals and add variety to your reading this week.

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The essentials of how you can reel in your anxieties and tackle the difficult decisions you’re facing in life right now.


From the scorching desert to the freezing Midwest… a man struggles against the elements, himself and those around him.

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Dragon mentors, magical creatures, and a young girl looking for adventure: Harry Potter meets Eragon.

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It’s hard not to slip back into my old ways, but this woman is the one.
She makes me want to be a brand new man…

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Twelve of the world’s most eligible bachelors are personally invited to take part in an exclusive, private match-making club.

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Can she love her kidnapper?
And just how dangerous is he? A best-sellling romantic thriller.

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In the tradition of Tolkien and Asimov this novel invites you to step into new worlds of thought!

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A deeply moving tale of love, passion, motherhood, separation, ghosts of the past, and friendship.

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A prisoner is killed on a secure wing, an undercover policeman is shot in his home. DCI Blizzard investigates.

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