February 7, 2019

Journey to paradise with these stunning discount Kindle books

kindle romance

Our list of books this week is jam-packed with romance. Look out for the FREE title hidden among the deals. With billionaire businessmen, sexy redheads, tough guys and more, there will be a hero or heroine to fall for. Plus, some action-packed thrillers, harrowing personal stories and short stories for a quick literary fix.

*Please check these deals are available in your location when downloading.
Police are closing in on a notorious serial killer. Ex-detective superintendent Brandt has turned against society. The first kill was a stab in the dark, but now he’s got a real taste for it.

But his pursuer, DCI Stella Johnson, has rankled him. She has leaked to the press the idea he is impotent, and it has taken hold.

He lays a trap for her. Will she survive?

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A small town with big time romances. A collection of three sumptious love stories set in New Hampshire.

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I’d like to say I tried to stay away, but I’d be lying. He uses his body, his hands, his voice to seduce me…

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She shakes me to the core of my being, wakes me up, and forces me to feel things I thought were long gone…

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She planned everything—faithfully detailing her life. No room for errors or surprises! Oh yeah?

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Strategy isn’t just for the office. I’m going to win her heart. I went on holiday for myself, but I’m not leaving without her.

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They’d both agreed, they’d be like two snowplows meeting in the night. At least that was the plan. Until that kiss.

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Vulnerable after the killing of her family, Paige lets the one person she should never have trusted into her life.

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Poems and illustrations about a childhood trapped in psychiatric units being subjected to torturous abuse.

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Seven short stories covering genres such as horror, fantasy, suspense, and thriller.

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The disappearance of a local girl leads Special Agent Graham Grassi right to the doorstep of a sexy redhead.

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The gripping autobiography of a man lost at sea and survivor of an airplane disaster.

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Sometimes you have to push beyond your own personal boundaries to find your own happily ever after. A five book action-packed series.

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Discover meaning in your life and what awaits you after your body leaves this earthly realm.
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Work Smart Business will share with you the tested principles and proven strategies to turn your business ideas into a successful reality.

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The perfect tool to build and master a perfect sales foundation based on empathy, positivity and praise.

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