February 28, 2019

A mammoth collection of FREE and discount Kindle books


Evil from space and from the depths of the Earth, mutants, werewolves, and deadly plagues are some of the themes this week. Plus workplace, historical and fantasy romances. If you are looking for a new book to read on your Kindle, look no further, there is something for everyone.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” John Muir

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How to raise a smart daughter, increase her IQ and help her be a success in the word.

$0.99 now. FREE March 03-05.

When severe earthquakes hit the world, a team is sent down the deepest crevice ever and discovers unimaginable evil.

$0.99 now. FREE March 01-03.

She wants to use her supernatural powers to stop a malign force. He wants her to stay out of danger.

FREE on Kindle now.

Hidden away in a safe house with a bounty on her head, Lillian is the only witness who can destroy a drug cartel.

$0.99 now!

A princess can control the elements but is she prepared for a warrior prince whose love is so fierce that it threatens to destroy both their lives?

$0.99 now!

Eve had given up on men until she met Malak, but she soon enters a world where the decadent parties and nightlife are as extreme as the levels of deceit.

$0.99 now! FREE March 01-03.

It was love at first sight, but he’ll have to get past the man who’s been making her life hell to have her.

$0.99 now!

The strength of werewolves lies in the pack. But one young protégé will struggle with her bonds to her family and fulfilling a prophecy.

$0.99 now!

A woman must rely on her wits and faith to get through an early menopause and the uphill struggle of her life.

$0.99 now!

Some friends share everything but just how do you tell your best friend that you are in love with her father?

$0.99 now!

Our fathers were arch enemies in business. She’s my best friend’s little sister. But I want her.

$0.99 now!

She’s fallen for a man old enough to be her father, and he has her right where he wants her: in his office.

$0.99 now!

Warder Garith De’ Graoin and Doctor Lan De Tian lead a team of misfits on a quest to save their universe from a terrible plague.

$2.99 now!

Sent back in time, a young medical graduate rolls up her sleeves and gets to work on restoring a castle and her new life.

$2.99 now!

The adopted daughter of a Cheyenne tribal leader and a cavalry officer strike up an unlikely romance. Can they bridge the divide?

$1.99 now!

The Falconer’s Apprentice is a story of adventure and intrigue set in the intense social and political unrest of the Holy Roman Empire in the thirteenth century.

$8.95 now!

When the planet is covered in a mysterious gas, humanity’s only hope lies in a generation of mutant children who can survive the inhospitable atmosphere.

$9.99 now but $0.99 March o3-05!


Planet Earth has managed to survive perilous times and is now peaceful. However, visible contact of sorts is received from outer space…extremely deep, dynamic outer space.

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