November 22, 2018

Great Kindle books for readers we love. Whatever their budget!

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“Who, being loved, is poor?” – Oscar Wilde

Murder mysteries, enchanting romances, haunted shipwrecks, cruel games, evil invaders, stowaway penguins, inspirational stories, bad boy lovers, and more in this week’s selection of great Kindle books, FREE and discounted. Download a bargain now!

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Book of the week!

An investigation into a warehouse fire turns into a murder inquiry when a streetwalker’s body is found.

DI Tanya Miller assembles her team but is drawn away when her niece goes missing. Juggling the two cases, can she find the errant teenager with a killer on the loose?

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A stowaway penguin is on board for the adventure of a lifetime.

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The inspirational story of a woman who overcomes lies, manipulation and abuse.
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A gripping British murder mystery, the first in a five part series.

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Never be lost for words again with these greeting card rhymes made to measure.
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A sassy modern girl dies in a car accident and wakes up as a countess in a medieval castle.

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She doesn’t know how gorgeous she is. Nor how much I want her…
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Only Becca can see the evil walking amongst the human race. And only she can stop it.

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An experience on a haunted shipwreck is going to stay with Rachel forever.

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A tough guy is softened. A young woman is taught to love herself. Together they are perfect.

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He’s prepared to do anything to save his club. But not prepared when an old flame returns to the scene.

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An orphan must navigate a cruel role-playing game, on a crusade to face those who have taken everything from him.

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An artist lacking inspiration discovers a secret journal that draws him into a dangerous game.

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