April 4, 2019

Free your mind with these FREE and bargain Kindle books

Free and Discounted Kindle Books April 04

Whether trapped in past memories or riddled with regrets, we all long to break free of our chains, even those of the mind. Suspense, mystery and wonder abound this week. But if fantasy is your preferred escape route, follow a prince and princess on their magical journey, or an epic saga of regeneration. And if you’d rather laugh it all off, there’s also comedy and irreverent satire!

“It is not enough to have a good mind, the main thing is to use it well.” — René Descartes
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He changed his life for her, will he come to regret it? Haunted by traumatic flashbacks, hallucinations and buried memories, Chris must find his way out of a living nightmare.

$2.99 now!

Imprisoned on false murder charges, David learns that his wife and infant son are dead. When released, besieged by past demons, he must find out the truth, whatever it takes.

FREE now!

Set in 20th century Geelong and 15th century Florence, this is a wondrous journey into Ally’s troubled mind, as she tells her friends her incredible story.

FREE now!

Follow the descendants of Moll Dyer, accused of witchcraft in the 17th century. As the legend lives on, the forces of evil are still at large!

$3.99 now!

It’s 1773 and the prince and princess travel far and wide, amidst a swirl of magic and love, on a series of secret missions. They must fight to survive the forces of darkness.

$1.99 now!

Fatally wounded, Andy looks to an ancient ritual for salvation and is reborn. In an epic fantasy saga of regeneration, he must transform, becoming the dragon.

$0.99 now!

From general health to how to engage your daughter’s mind, Dalton Smith walks you through the vital job of raising a smart daughter!

$2.99 now!

The Zee Brothers will horrify you as much as make you laugh! Join them on a quest to stop the dead from unleashing an ancient curse!

$0.99 now!

Marty and Nellie continue on their hilarious time-travel journey, this time with Jesus by their side. Great satire, get ready to laugh!

$0.99 now!


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