April 11, 2019

Immerse yourself in new atmospheres with these FREE and bargain Kindle books!

It’s all about the scene, the atmosphere, the setting. Your reading experiences can take you as far away as you are prepared to go. This week, no less than five mysteries transport you to strange and wonderful locations. Or, if you prefer, travel in time, with alternative histories and imaginative dystopias. Plus great romance and a humorous approach to a healthy diet.

“It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the change of scene.” –– Brian Eno

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Thanks to this humorous, informative guide, you’ll lose weight and not gain it again! Laugh your way to the scales…

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You’ll enjoy this emotionally-charged PI murder mystery set in a small town in the rugged landscape of the Yorkshire Moors.

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In the smoky underbelly of 1958 San Francisco, a PI is guided by his dreams in his search for the truth behind his friend’s suicide.

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In the valleys of South Wales, the quiet of village life is upset by murder. Fabia’s troubled past in the force won’t stop her from getting on the case.

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Twenty years after the great drought of 2020, four women must fight to save the little that is left of humanity.

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A stunning Canadian setting, an immersive reading experience, and a mystery that won’t be easy to solve!

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As she discovers her mother’s best friend was Hitler’s lover, a shocking generational mystery unfolds.

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He thought he could get rid of her with false accusations of witchcraft, until she proved him right! A great alternative history.

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Her father trades her to pay back money he stole. But his creditor has no intention to give her back, ever!

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