May 2, 2019

Live life in colour with FREE and discount Kindle books!

Free and discounted Kindle books May 02

Magic portals, hauntings and nightmarish dreams abound in this week’s fantasy fiction. Also plenty of mysteries to unlock, including two exciting revenge thrillers.  Plus, romance and alternative histories. An amazing range of books FREE or discounted now!

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand — Neil Gaiman

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DS West has a murder investigation on her hands when a man is pushed off a cliff. Noir set in Scotland.

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Sophie and Jack struggle to reveal the connections between a murder and missing school children. A gripping thriller!

FREE from May 05!

A break-in has gone wrong and his wife is dead. Now he seeks nothing but revenge. An action-packed chase!

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Whilst in Ontario to set up a task force, Inspector Gibson is landed with an unexpected case when a woman is found dead on the beach.

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Loki finds a portal and starts living a double life, one as a magician, the other as a prince. Until someone tries to kill him!

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The story of  the Lange family: the unfortunate repercussions of war and their fight for survival.

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I’m a billionaire and I’ve found the girl for me, but her past gets in the way, and she doesn’t like rich guys!

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Haunted by prophetic dreams of his own death, can Victor discover a way to alter the course of destiny?

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Garrett Houston is followed by a ghost called Margarite. Together they could save lives, if only she’d get his attention!

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Channel your child’s energies in a positive way through the lessons learned in this entertaining story.

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Are you an aspiring song writer? Industry professionals provide tips and advice for achieving success!

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Set during the Tulsa riot of 1921, this is the story of Jimmy’s great dilemma. Can he ever belong?


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