October 28, 2019

Mind your mindset! Practical advice to eradicate violence

Education in a violent world

Why do so many teens die needlessly? It’s a spreading malaise, causing an unprecedented spike in teen suicide rates and violence. The problem is bigger than we think, and growing. We only see the tip of the iceberg when another school shooting makes the news. Before we become habituated to it, let’s stop and think: what if we could prevent it? What if we took on our responsibility as parents and guardians and did something about it? What if we changed the mindset that is leading so many to destruction?

Education in a Violent World: A Practical Guide to Keeping Our Kids Safe by Steven Webb

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Stop School Violence

This book gives an immediate action plan for parents, teachers, school administrators, communities, school boards, first responders and school resource officers (school-based uniform police officers) to protect our kids in school.

You may be wondering why we haven’t been able to curb violence in schools. What’s even more upsetting is that it has gotten worse over the years. Education in a Violent World exposes the unworkability of an outdated system that was designed for a simpler world to keep our children safe.
We hear about school shootings, but no one is talking about the real problem. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recently stated that the suicide rate in children has skyrocketed to a point where it is now the second leading cause of death in teens, only second to teen automobile deaths.

Finally, There is a Solution

Education is a Violent World explains in detail how the PARA Mindset method works and enables the guardians of our children a way to defuse the tension that otherwise builds to the point of no return for some of our kids.

There is a way to stop the violence before there is a need for first responders to disarm the unthinkable. There is so much that happens WELL BEFORE a child takes his or her life own life, WAY BEFORE one comes to school with a knife or gun. Things are percolating from many sources: cyber bullying, over-prescribing of drugs, sexting and more are causing kids to lash out in the only way they know. Violent video games, movies, TV shows … we can play the blame game all day long, but those things aren’t going to go away. We live in a different world today from just 50 years ago, and it will continue to change. The solution lies in parents and guardians.

The time has come to confront this ever-growing epidemic.

We have the answer now. Education in a Violent World with its PARA Mindset method is a real solution. This book equips the guardians of our children with the knowledge and skill to deal with 21st-century social challenges and stop school violence. It’s simple and powerful. This book will show you how easy it is to do.