April 17, 2021

First time home buyer alert! This FREE guide is for you.

How to buy a house blog post

With everyone stuck indoors, the house has never been more lived in. You might have thought about whether it suits you, how you could improve it, and finally decided it is not right for you anymore and you need to move. Time to look at the property market!
But are you in a position to make the leap? Are you anxious about whether it is within reach? Do you worry you might not be able to afford it? Find out what your chances are and how to improve them with this essential guide, completely FREE for a short time only!

How to Buy a House: Vital Real Estate Strategy for the First Time Home Buyer by Yvonne Aileen

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Want to buy a house but don’t have a down payment and think you can’t qualify? Keep reading!

You’re not alone, and it’s not hopeless. Yes, rent keeps going up, making it difficult to save. And even though interest rates are great, housing prices keep ratcheting upward, moving further out of reach. And maybe your credit score could be better. It may feel like there’s a big clock ticking double-time and you’re starting to wonder if you’ll ever be able to afford your own home. But you don’t want to be shut out of the market. The best time to buy a house? Yesterday. Second best? Today. You need to take the right steps right now to get in the game.

Discover why not every lender is created equal, how to talk the language of real estate so you can converse on an even playing field. Discover the loan programs that offer no and low down payment options, favorable rates, and easy qualifying.

Authored by a 20-year real estate veteran and national instructor of real estate courses, How to Buy a House will show you:

Every step of the home buying process from question mark to keys
Relatively unknown mortgage loans that are super easy to get
How to get your down payment gifted to you
Why you should never take no from a lender as final
Why your credit score doesn’t matter as much as you’ve been told
Creative ways to find a house you can afford
Negotiation secrets that will save you thousands
A government program that lets certain buyers buy at a 50% discount with only $100 down

Soon you’ll know exactly how to get qualified, get help with financing, negotiate like a pro, and buy a house. Scroll up and Buy now with 1-Click.