August 18, 2022

๐Ÿ“ˆ Trade Works! Time to find out how!

Trade works

TRADE WORKS will walk you through all aspects of finance, and once you’ve discovered this world, you’ll want to stay there and make money!!

Trade Works: The Trade Finance Investor by Andreas Schweitzer

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Trade Works has a simplicity and clarity of writing which is perfectly crafted for anyone interested in finance, whether they are experts working in the field or simply someone who wants to know more. Andreas Schweitzer has worked in trade and finance in many parts of the world. He shares his insights and the results of two years of intense research, sharing with the financially interested reader a deeper understanding of why trade finance is such an attractive asset class.

Wittily written and underlined by deep research of a multinational team, Trade Works will introduce the reader to a business opportunity many did not know existed, even if you are not yet considering investing in trade finance TRADE WORKS. It is a must-read. With its comprehensive glossary and a whistle-stop tour of the history of how finance can go wrong โ€“ and how to prevent it from happening again โ€“ your readers will find themselves dipping into it time and again.