Champions of the Dragon by Michael Ploof

Humorous Fantasy (Epic Fallacy Book 1)

Book Cover: Champions of the Dragon by Michael Ploof

Epic Fallacy is a comedic tale of friendship and foolery, heroism and hardships, and a dread dragon of legend. Five unlikely companions find themselves thrown into an adventure with the fate of the world resting on their shoulders when they are each named champions of the dragon.
One is an inept wizard’s apprentice who has been unable to grow wizard’s leaf, the herb that is essential in allowing wizards to perform magic. Thus, young Murland is still a stable boy at the age of 19, the time when most apprentices become wizards. Then enters Gibrig the big-hearted. A dwarf with humanism, he has been ridiculed for his lankiness and height for his whole life. His only companion being a pig named snorts, no one has ever thought him a hero. One among the companions is a hero, or was. Sir Eldrick, commonly known as Slur Sirsalot, is an alcoholic knight who once knew the greatest fame in the kingdom. However, after bedding the queen it did not matter how many monsters he had slain. He was exiled and now roams the land in a drunken stupor. Perhaps the most unlikely hero of all is Brennan, Prince of the wood elves. Brennan has never had a brave moment, and has become his father, the king’s, greatest disappointment following the discovery of Brennan’s love affair with the elven knight Valkimer. When he finds out he has been chosen Brennan breaks down in a flamboyant fit, only spurred onward by the strong words of his beloved. And lastly, we have Willow Muck Muck, Pie eating champion of the fire swamp for six years running. Standing at an impressive eight feet tall and weighing over 600 pounds, Willow is a force to be reckoned with, but will she be able to curb her legendary hunger long enough to make the journey to Bad Mountain and defeat Drakkar Noir?
To make the journey to bad mountain the companions must travel past the wide wall, through the forest of the dead, and across the long sand. Will they make it?