Dreams in the Mist by AmBear Shellea

Book Cover: Dreams in the Mist by AmBear Shellea

Her heart is tangled in fantasy while her body is trapped in a dangerous reality.
During the day, Blaze struggles to perform a role she doesn’t remember. With mounting pressure from King Deverox, she tries and fails to recall a life they share, a royal affair he pushes to regain but her lost memories cause a spiral of events that ripple through the entire kingdom of Pedalstem.
In the depths of sleep, within the bliss of her dreams lies a life she not only desperately craves but clings to. A tale of pure love and devotion coupled with the soft caress from a man that sends her body into the lightning storm of ecstasy and pleasure. These trysts among the mist are her only reprieve from the daily reminder of a reality that is sucking the life right out of her.