Walking Between Worlds: The Complete Trilogy by J.K. Norry

Book Cover: Walking Between Worlds: The Complete Trilogy by J.K. Norry

Omnibus edition of the Walking Between Worlds trilogy. This eBook box set includes:

Demons & Angels (Book I)
Rise of the Walker King (Book II)
Fall of the Walker King (Book III)

Meet the unsung heroes of the supernatural...

They live normal lives on the surface, going to work, the bank and the grocery store like everyone else. All day they watch their countdown. When the moment comes, they draw their swords, don their armored overcoats, and walk between worlds. They stop demons from overwhelming people, without being seen and without asking a word of thanks. For thousands of years they have labored to save mankind from itself, quietly, one soul at a time.

When Paul is thrust into this hidden world between worlds, he must learn to keep his secrets as quickly as he must master his mysterious weapon. His new powers are amazing, and his faithful guide is there to teach him the ancient ways of the demon hunter; yet questions nag at Paul's mind while it overflows with new information. If Heaven is not truly perfect, and Hell is his only hope, he fears that walking between them will also mean walking away from the woman of his dreams; and if he loses her, he loses everything...