Knight’s Gauntlet: From Slayer to Shepherd by C.E. Knight

Book Cover: Knight's Gauntlet: From Slayer to Shepherd by C.E. Knight

My book is a short novella meant to gain attention, so it is always set an $.99. I hope this is okay, I don't feel comfortable upping the price for a few days just to be able to say its 'discounted'

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Quoted price: 9.99 USD

Blurb: Dera finds himself drowning in the tides of war that have flooded the land of Atro with the blood of countless generations, weighted by dark regrets and haunting visions of past mistakes. Lost in a vicious cycle that has raged since time immemorial, he is known only as the Slayer.

The right hand of the twisted and inconceivably cruel Magi, humans with the rare ability to harvest energy from the world itself, Dera travels the realm of their influence enforcing their decrees with death and fear. Pushed to atone for his mistakes, Dera seeks redemption and revenge, taking a stand in a bid to remove their corrupting influence. But, even with the best intentions at heart, a terrifying question hangs unanswered.

Can one man truly make a difference in a broken world, or is it beyond any hope for salvation?