Adventurers of Fortune by Cooper J. Knight

Book Cover: Adventurers of Fortune by Cooper J. Knight

An irreverent love-letter to the high fantasy genre and classic role-playing games alike, Rescue Is Such a Strong Word is the first entry in an ongoing series of stories and introduces the cheerfully lurid and savvy sorceress, Em, and her amphibious business and travel partner, Fernando, while deftly building the unique-but-familiar world that they employ themselves in. The pair's job this time is the should-be-mundane task of returning a regional nobleman's daughter—strictly for the reward, of course—but a hot-headed knight has them in his grips, there are creatures and competition around every corner, something about the situation as a whole seems a bit off-kilter, and, moreover, troubles from Em's audacious and unconventional love life are coming to a head in the middle of it all.