Gods vs Men Book 1 The Resurrection by James Palfi

Book Cover: Gods vs Men Book 1 The Resurrection by James Palfi

The Gods are ruling the mortals with an iron fist, sending wave after wave of wrath and hardships upon them because of this the mortals greatly despise the Gods.

Zeus; King of the Gods is being weakened by the mortals not praying to him enough.

There is also a very old organisation called the Anti-Gods who have an inside tract to the Gods powers and are trying to destroy the Gods.

After Zeus kills the leader of the Anti-Gods and does everything he can to supress their numbers, the son of the Anti-Gods leader Heritone the main protagonist in this story, Heritone vows to get revenge.

After securing alliances he journeys to the vault of the Gods to extract the source of the Gods power and blackmail Zeus to resurrect his father or he will destroy the Gods.

Also the throne of the Gods is in jeopardy as Zeus is being weakened after contenders for the throne arise, Hades is securing alliances to challenge the king of the Gods and takes control of the throne of Mount Olympus.

In the end who will win the long-time leader of the Gods Zeus, the new contender Hades, or the mortal Heritone with a never say die spirit?