The 10K Bug by Abhay Adil

The 10K bug by Abhay Adil

In the year 9,999 the artificial intelligent robots and humans live side by side in society.With the upcoming year 10,000 the existence of all computer base life is under threat, to save the world and his kind archaeologist Issac take an unsanctioned journey to old Earth in hopes of finding a solution. Believing that the stories of Y2K bug are more than fairy tales, he hopes to find answers from ancient wisdom from millennia ago. But in his way is the Arck, an organization who sees robot kind as a threat to all carbon based life, believing all robots to be evil for worshipping the unseen, unknown God called Science and not their one true God, Lord and Savior Gadha Prasad. Issac forms an alliance with his human friend Linda, on whom he has a crush but she considers him to be just a friend. On the old Earth, they find The Great Grandfather of All Knowledge who is an artificial intelligence formed naturally from amalgamation of pop culture knowledge over a computer grid on Earth called The Internet. The Great Grandfather of All Knowledge sends Issac and Linda across the ruins of Earth in search of missing Galaxy Notes in order to complete a Blockchain network to revive the information and solution of the Y2K bug to save their future.