Peter And The Band Of Pirates by Bruce Mercury, TL Jones

Book Cover: Peter And The Band Of Pirates by Bruce Mercury, TL Jones
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It’s 1720, during the Age of Sail and the Age of Piracy … After a mysterious letter, map and riddle arrive, William Peter Guthrie, his older sister Lydia and cousin Molly, mount a treasure hunting expedition to find the most precious treasure in the world.  Sailing to the West Indies, the Guthries believe the riddle’s answer is the key to uncovering an even bigger secret.  First they must find the uninhabited island on the map and solve each line of the riddle to get clues as where to go next.  Aboard ship, learning to sail, befriending sailors and Ameri-Indians on journey, William is discovering more about himself everyday and the Guthries look forward to reaching the island where he and his family believe the heart of their quest is hidden. When a band of pirates, takes over their ship, their adventure takes an unexpected turn and the Guthries must summon every ounce of courage they can, to stay the course of their great and noble quest.  Facing real danger and courage, William Peter is forced to grow up faster than a boy his age ought to be.  As the story progresses, one begins to see how an ordinary boy, just might one day become, Peter Pan.
Peter and the Band of Pirates is a coming of age story, a family’s story, a sea story, and a pirate tale, and historical tale, full of danger, pirates, Indians, treasure hunting, love and mystery that will take you on a great adventure.
A Band of Pirates Expedition and The Neverland Quest series explores the Peter Pan origin story in a series of prequels that imagine who Peter was as a young, clever, bright and oh so curious boy, before Neverland.   …  Who was Peter, before he was a boy in NEVERLAND, leading a band of lost boys? Why does Peter fight Pirates? Where did Peter come from? Who were the pirates before arriving on a mysterious island called Neverland?  As the series progresses, William Peter and a cast of fascinating characters travel toward another world, as magic slowly creeps into their lives.