The Cinderella Plan by Diana Flame

Book Cover: The Cinderella Plan by Diana Flame

Two princes … Only one is the true heir to the throne. Dark secrets hide within the Izadel kingdom, but one girl is about to bring those secrets to light.

Once upon a time a girl lost a glass slipper, married the prince and lived happily ever after… right?


Feisty, beautiful and certainly no pushover, Cinderella and her stepmother are at war. She’s long since rid herself of her stepsisters and has finally thrown out her evil stepparent.

However, her troubles are only just beginning when she unwittingly assaults the prince … both of them. They both have fallen for her, but only one holds the key to unlock her heart.
Find out what happens in this epic version of the Cinderella story you know and love.

Get ready to fall in love with The Cinderella Plan, an epic romantic fairy tale with a twist.