Aether Sphere: Fading Dream by Nikolas Baxter

Aether sphere
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A lost guild of technicians that could mix magic and science together has been gone now for more than a century. Yet sinister figures from the dark past resurface as hints of the forgotten technology sparks back to life. Yet with no one left with the knowledge of these fantastical machines, who will be able to stop the chaos they unleash? And who is operating them?

After the defeat of the monsters that ruled the continent, the heroes of Bellingrath brought an end to the centuries of terror known as the Long Night. But something stirs in the ancient wastes and dark figures echoing an ancient past lurk through the city searching for something. Something hungers in the desolate wastelands at the edge of the empire. And children’s dreams for a better life are dying.

The sudden appearance of sinister men in Slade’s hometown forces him to delve into dark secrets of the empire’s history as well as seek knowledge of the banished guild, the Artificers. The Artificers, the legendary creators of masterpieces that fused technology with magic. Living in the most powerful empire on the continent, life and safety have seemed beyond question for ages. But with wars looming at the borders and unnatural forces resurfacing for the first time in centuries, everything has become uncertain for the first time since the Long Night.

Slade discovers a mysterious stranger that may have the key to the mysteries surrounding him. But will the stranger reveal these mysteries? Will Slade be ready for the answers when they come? And will he have the power to do anything about it?