The Agency: Complete Series by C. C. Bolick

the agency
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The Agency Complete Series boxed set...

Life is tough at seventeen, but working for a secret government agency?

Angel has no idea her dad works for an agency that monitors people with powers, not to mention aliens. So far life has been simple growing up as a normal teen in a small southern town. She never imagined cold-blooded evil could exist until she meets a real vampire.

Surrounded by lies, the only person Angel can trust is her boyfriend Skip. After someone gives them a case of money, they go on the run to protect the people they care about. Who could have guessed she's been on the agency's list for years?

Can they make it to a safehouse and avoid a killer out for her blood?

Books in this set:

Run Don't Think
Love Don't Wait
Fight Don't Fear

Also includes the bonus book Heart of a Traitor, which contains a crossover story with the Leftover Girl books.