Angelfire by D. Pittar & M. Buchanan


When Major Lewis Carpenter arrives home in Haven Falls he is literally knocked off his feet by his neighbour Emma. She is even more gorgeous than he remembers from his teenage fantasies. He arrives at her door to share a pumpkin pie and a bottle of wine, only to find her armed and ready to repel invaders.

Her story is that she is an angel. Her brother Sebastian has turned to the dark side and says she is the Chosen One for this Halloween. She is not going without a fight. Lewis, suffering from PTSD finds her story about as believable as some of his flashbacks, but is prepared to go along with her until proved otherwise.

Follow this couple through an exciting couple of days involving fights with fallen angels, a kidnapping and a rescue involving a fire truck. All’s fair in love and war, especially if you’re falling in love with an angel.

Angelfire is the first book in the touching Angelfire series. If you like appealing characters, heart-warming moments and action, then you’ll love Meg and Deryn’s exciting novel.

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