ARCANUM ASTRAY by Edmund A. M. Batara

Arcanum Astray

UPDATED 2019 EDITION. Modified to follow the upcoming audiobook version.

From the Author of The Accidental Archmage Series - The Summus Magister Series.

Mystery, humor, magic, and archaic words await!

Enter an Earth where magic history took a detour. Where science and magic co-exist. Trains and magic carpets. Detectives and demons. Demons and professors.

Explore the world with Professor Lucius K. Henry, High Mage and magical detective extraordinaire. Sherlock with magic. And trains, flying carpets, mages, deadly enigmas, spies, vampires and other such unsavory creatures, books of ill repute, and much, much more.

But something is terribly wrong. Magic is disappearing.

(A novel of approximately 40,000 words)