Ashes of Aether by Holly Rose

ashes to aether
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Loving a necromancer's son comes at a perilous price...

As the daughter of Nolderan's most powerful mage, Reyna Ashbourne has only ever faced two obstacles: her father's wrath for slacking with her magic studies, and being shunned by many for loving Arluin, a necromancer's son.

But Reyna's life takes a bitter turn when Arluin's exiled father returns to wreak his vengeance upon the city. With the living dead plaguing the streets, the boy she loves is forced to choose between his heart and his blood.

When those dearest to her perish, Reyna vows to become as mighty as her father. However, the path of the magi is no easy one, and she must first complete her Mage Trials to prove she has the required strength of heart, mind, and magic.

Yet the shadows of the past rise once again, threatening to tear Nolderan asunder.

And so too her heart.

Terrifying magic, swoony romance, heart-wrenching betrayal—Ashes of Aether is the first book in a brand-new young adult fantasy series, perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Margaret Rogerson.