The Assembly of Thirteen by Omayra Vélez

The First Two Companions

The Assembly of Thirteen: The First Two Companions by Omayra Vélez
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In a world ruled by a despot, the ancient usurper royal family determine on eliminating the non-human population, use death as a weapon. The lives of the mighty lost through war, the balance of magic in chaos and the rise of destroyers has become a reality. They created demons who loved to feast on the corpses of anyone from any race. But a gift became the start of a champion. A group of Giant revels must hide the one that will start the fight.

June Dunbar is the one who must start the fight, a broken woman from Livermore, California. The second is Kara, a murderer, a killer in the service of the imperial family. What will it take for the two to want to help? These two must fight their own demons, accept magic, and save the life of eleven others. This is a tale of an event, the union of many races as one for the salvation of a land.

Death, blood, slavery, incest, and intrigue between families blend together in a tapestry of hate and war.
You will know the story of many, as they approach the Assembly of Thirteen and the War of the Titans defines a land.

The Assembly of Thirteen: The First Two Companions is the first book in an enthralling high fantasy series. If you like ensemble casts, intricately detailed plots, and worlds filled with rich magic, then you’ll love Omayra Vélez’s epic tale.

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