The Awakening by Ryan Sova

The awakening

It is written that once long ago, God became very angry with the inhabitants of this world. In his wrath, God sent a great flood to wash away the wicked people of this world. Or so the story tells us.

But is this what really happened?

What if something happened back then that was so terrible, no one dared to ever speak of it again, lest by doing so, they might reawaken the evil that almost wiped out the entire human race. The story we all know of as Noah and the Ark might only exist to cover up this terrible truth and the true horrors of what really happened back then might forever remain a mystery.

This story follows the life of a man by the name of Garry Henderson, who is by all appearances an ordinary man with an ordinary life. But he carries a secret known only to a select few. He is a psychic.

Garry has been using this special gift for the last 10 years to aid the local police department in tracking down violent criminals. But when Garry starts receiving strange visions and premonitions, he starts to question everything, including his own sanity.

What Garry does not realize though, is that perhaps these strange visions and premonitions have some hidden purpose. Perhaps there is something more sinister at work than the crimes police usually investigate.

Once long ago, an event occurred that struck fear and terror into the hearts of everyone who survived it and brought forth death and destruction on a scale that no one in the years following could even begin to fathom. This calamity happened before and it WILL happen again, the only question is when.