Lone Huntress: BEMS AND BUGS by Andrew Miller

Bems and bugs

Bugs. Bugs can be a problem.

Sometimes they’re tiny, small things that burrow where you don’t want them to. Sometimes they’re grotesquely gargantuan xenoarthopods that evolved in a gas cloud tens of millions of years ago, that come crashing through atmospheres to become invasive species. Sometimes they’re humanoid abominations coordinating under the totalitarian control of a collective intelligence with the mentality of a creepy and petty stalker. Sometimes they’re mechanical drones operated by criminals with malicious intentions.

Bugs can be a problem. Problems require solutions. For help with solving all your problems with bugs of every shape and size, contact your personal problem solver, Lisa Huntress. Recognized by the FIA for her work in exposing Fey operations. Discretion is our watchword, and results are assured.

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